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Mixing systems used in variety of Aust industries (Part 2)

Supplier: Unit Process Consulting
02 May, 2008

With many years of experience in the mining industry Unit Process Consulting is able to offer mixers that perform.

While being cognisant of power usage the loss of recovery from under designed mixers will always represent an unwelcome cost to production.

The supply of robust and long lasting mixers is the approach of Unit Process Consulting to counter the costs of downtime and remoteness of many of the mining sites around this world. 

From small reagent mixers of a few hundred litres to 2000 m3 of Carbon-In-Pulp mixing, the company is able to design and supply mixers best suited to your production and budgetary requirements.

Typical examples of Unit Process Consulting s technology applies to;

- Leaching
- Solids suspension
- Gas dispersion
- Conditioning
- Flotation
- Lime slurry make up

Water and Waste Water Treatment

The focus on water care is rapidly becoming one of the world's major issues and Unit Process Consulting's application engineers have developed an understanding of the requirements of this industry to ensure optimum results and cost effective operation of treatment plants.

Applications undertaken include carbon slurry mixing, cyanide destruction, flash mixing, flocculation, neutralisation, lime mixing, anaerobic mixing, digesters, anoxic basin mixing, sludge mixing, balancing tanks and fly ash pulping, flue gas desulphurisation. 

Unit Process Consulting s mixer and impeller systems are used in all stages of municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment, including:

- rapid mixing
- chemical make-up and storage
- sludge holding and digestion
- equalisation and neutralisation
- flocculation
- activated carbon slurry mixing
- aeration
- disinfection

Unit Process Consulting combines process know-how with mixing technology and the complete range of mixers and impeller designs to optimise your results. 
Floating Mixer

Floating mixer installed on potable water supply to prevent stratification of water.

Wine tank agitator

For the past twenty one years, ALLMIX, has been designing and making agitators for many applications across all industries. Amongst these many applications is wine silo agitation. By using a geared drive the efficiency of the mixing system is greatly improved and up to 90% savings in power consumption can be realised. This obviously represents a considerable saving to wineries and the pay back times can justify retrofitting these units.

Features: -

- A high efficiency mixing impeller.
- A geared low speed drive.
- An internal or external mechanical seal.
- It is designed for new installations or retrofit with an optional shut off device.

Benefits: -

- Low power consumption.
- Low maintenance.
- No need to enter tank to change seal.