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Mobile concrete mixing plant produces large amounts of cement

Supplier: TEK Industry Australia
20 January, 2009

TEKMIX is a towed machine which can produce 60 m3 of cement per hour. The machine is 13. 6 metres long, and can be towed by a tractor anywhere to the customer's desire.

The machine can be fully erected, and in use, within three hours with the use of a small crane and a detailed manual, which is delivered to the customer. The same time is also required to disassemble the machine and have it ready for transportation. TEKMIX 6000 can operate on any ground surface without any need for special ground preparations.

The machine is able to operate with electricity from a power grid or via an autonomous power source provided by a 150KW generator already mounted on the machine.

The operating system gives you the choice of ready products of various types of cement.

The machine can be operated electronically as well as manually.

It consists of:

- The four storage compartments are for raw materials of 10m3 each. Through eight automatically operated doors the raw materials are dumped on the conveyor belt and subsequently transported to the mixer.
- A water tank is able to be connected to an external water supply. A water pump transports the water to a measuring balance in the mixer.
- An autonomous air supply system
- Electronically operated measuring scales for determining the amount of raw materials that will be used, and the amount of cement produced.
- Automated conveyor belts that transport the raw materials from their storage compartments to the mixer.
- Mixer of 1.5m 3 capacity.
- A control room that can be installed up to 10 metres away from the machine.

All parts of the machine (motors, water pumps, electronic dashboards etc) have an ISO certificate and are able to operate for 24h.

Moreover, TEK MIX 6000 can cooperate with all vehicles for cement transport because of its 3.7 meter tall cement exit from the mixer.