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Mobile cooling makes spaces more comfortable

Supplier: Tecpro Australia
31 January, 2011

Reducing temperatures at outdoor events is made simpler with the help of Turbo Fog distributed by Tecpro Australia.

In places where people congregate such as sporting events, leisure centres, large worksites, parties and more, lowering the ambient temperature has never been easier, thanks to the Turbo Fog, developed by award winning Italian company Idrotech s.r.l.
"Turbo Fog uses a powerful fan to disperse air and water into fine droplets which are sprayed at high pressure," says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. "The nebulised water evaporates rapidly. This has the effect of reducing air temperature through a process known as thermal dynamics."
The Turbo Fog cools outdoor events and can also be used in large indoor environments such as factories, gazebos and hospitality tents. Cooling area is 500m2 and the fog stream is propelled a distance of approximately 28m.
"The fog that is produced also eliminates dust, pollen and flying insects because the mist reduces their ability to remain airborne," says Cooper. "And because the Turbo Fog is installed on a wheeled trolley and can be swivelled to move sideways and up and down, it can be positioned wherever cooling is needed."
The unit’s rotation range is 90° and the Turbo Fog draws between 10 – 200 litres per hour of water, depending upon water flow. It absorbs 1072 watt per hour and connects to a 240V single-phase power supply.
"Places such as theme parks, outdoor bar areas, warehouses and open air verandas are generally not suitable for air conditioning as it would be too expensive and the results would be ineffective," says Cooper. "In contrast, the Turbo Fog system generates fast cooling wherever it’s needed and it is also more cost effective than air conditioning."
By incorporating energy saving principles in its design and dispersing clean water, the Turbo Fog is an environmentally friendly cooling solution for many types of applications.
"Managers of workplaces such as large factories can also consider the Turbo Fog as an efficient and safe way to keep the space cool for workers and equipment,” says Cooper. "The Turbo Fog is also suitable in areas where animals are kept such as indoor chicken farms."
Tecpro Australia is proud to distribute Idrotech s.r.l.’s Perfect Cool range of industrial cooling solutions.