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Mobile Phone Radiation Reduction Device | Radi-Cushion

Supplier: Cellsafe

Now you can experience the peace of mind of Cellsafe’s scientifically proven mobile phone radiation reducing technology with the freedom to choose your own mobile phone case, as this discreet cushion can be used inside most mobile phone cases.

Price Guide: AUD $40

Protect against radiation as well as improving signal efficiency and battery life.

Cellsafe Radi-Cushions are designed for the following models:

  • iPhone 4/4S - Black
  • iPhone 4/4S - White
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII - Black
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII - White
  • Samsung Galaxy SII 4G - Black only
  • Samsung Galaxy SII 3G - Black only
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace - Black   
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace - White
  • HTC One X/XL - Black
  • HTC One X/XL - White

The Cellsafe Radi-Cushion is 1mm thick and may not fit inside some slimline mobile phone cases.  It is not suitable for use with mobile phone cases made of aluminium or any other type of metals as this may affect the performance of the product. It is not suitable for use with tightly fit cases.

The Cellsafe Radi-Cushion can also be used on your mobile phone without a case fitted on top.

If you already have a case and want to check if the Radi-Cushion will fit, we suggest cutting a template the same size as your phone from 1mm thick cardboard and inserting it inside your case along with your mobile phone.

The Radi-Cushion is proven to reduce your exposure to SAR radiation by up to 96.5%.
Between the adhesive base and the outer layer of the cushion lies a re-directional antenna which redirects the transmitted RF signal away from the head of the phone user and user and out through the back of the phone.