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Mobile warehouse - truck customisation

Supplier: Industrial Conveying Australia

Specialised truck modification and automation – covering every task from loading through to unloading – is being facilitated by Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd.

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Mainly due to rising price of industrial and commercial space, the once humble truck is now far more valuable because its own carriage space is considered a mobile storage facility that adds profit to a company’s bottom line.

Therefore, according to Managing Director of Industrial Conveying, Mr Don
Erskine, custom-modified truck bodies and trailers are now a new type of asset for the industry.

“Transport, logistics and general manufacturing companies are well aware that their vehicles can be so much more than just a flat deck or a covered pan-tech,” said Mr Erskine.

“In reality, there is so much cubic volume which for so many decades has been completely under-utilised due to minimal thought in adapting generic trailer specifically for their cargo.

“And it’s not just truck space that we are improving for better utilisation – it’s the entire range of processes from loading to unloading that can be carefully analysed and redesigned for better outcomes.

“All it takes is a critical analysis and job-specific design options which can turn a
run-of-the-mill semi trailer into highly specialised mobile warehouse space.

“We configure not just the on-board trailer space but all types of handling systems such as moving floors and hi-ab facilities to expediently load and unload the freight and eliminate manual handling tasks.

“We are a well equipped manufacturing company with a dedicated design arm staffed with quality engineers and we have already completed several projects of this type.”

Capabilities include the automation of trucks themselves as well as automation for loading and unloading of containers.

Industrial Conveying does all its mechanical design in-house in consultation with the client, leading to optimised manufacture at the company’s plant in Victoria.

“Feedback from clients tells us that one of the most significant gains in
redesigning truck space, automating it and speeding associated tasks is that loads can be pre-assembled in docks even before a truck has arrived,” said Mr Erskine.

“It is having an immensely good impact in transport and logistics as truck
turnaround times are so much faster.

“Modifying trailers to more closely suit their loads is clever business. It turns a generic capital investment into a highly specialised asset that saves time and money.

“It makes sense to turn your transport fleet into a mobile warehouse facility.”