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Mobility important for mining and quarrying

Supplier: Locker Group
23 July, 2014

Mobility is important when it comes to mining and quarrying products.

Sites are fast-paced, and it's vital for workers to be able to move around and perform tasks unencumbered. This need for mobility is one reason why certain types of construction have become so popular among mining sites.

As recently as June 24, Mining Australia was reporting on the construction of one of the industry's largest mobile accommodation camps.

In addition to mobile buildings, which typically act as temporary shelters that can be transported to and fro based on need, there is also modular construction. This type of building involves prefabricated properties that can be built in a separate location and then delivered to a site.

This type of construction doesn't just drive demand for high-quality architectural products, it also provides mining and quarrying operations with the speed they need to assemble base camps quickly in remote locations. They can also cut down on waste and site disturbance. Of course, buildings used as offices and lodgings aren't the only way mobility is being incorporated into the resources industry.

Mobile screening has become increasingly popular, which is why Locker Group has created a database containing all of the most in-demand mobile screening equipment used in Australia and New Zealand. This database features information regarding the number of decks and screen details as specified by the manufacturer.

In this way, Locker Group is doing its part to assist with efficiency, reducing the need for workers to have to remember the intricate details of their screening media when using mobile screening.

As long as you're not using a modified machine, you can simply ring and quote the make and model of your mobile screening device so Locker Group can provide you with a quotation for the proper screen.