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Model 58001F shown here (0.75kW 415V 3-Phase Short Time Rated Operator)

Supplier: Chamberlain Australia

Fire Door Accessories

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Model 58001F shown here (0.75kW 415V 3-Phase Short Time Rated Operator)

Grifco manufacture the most innovative fire shutter operators available. The Grifco controlled descent mechanism allows the door to descend safely without power at a controlled speed without releasing door spring tension or affecting the limit switch settings.

Easy Everyday Operation
During normal circumstances the operator behaves as an efficient & reliable electrical operator.

Flexible Fire Detection
If there is a fire the door will descend safely without power if:

  1. Fire alarm signals the operator's holding magnet (24VDC)
  2. Fusible link melts (70°C)
  3. Electro Thermal Link is triggered (ETL-24VDC)

Simple Test Releases
Routine testing is made easy by simply pushing a button to release the holding magnet. The door will descend safely without power.

Optional Automatic System Reset
An optional solenoid re-engage system is available. To reset the system, just use the operator control to open the door in the usual manner. The holding magnet will be automatically re-engaged and allow the door to open. Spring tension is not affected and the limit switches do not require resetting.

Limit Switches

  • On-Board (gearbox driven)
  • Easy to adjust & set (no tools needed)
  • Do not require resetting after descent without power
  • Fully adjustable, accurate stopping positions
  • Optional Third Limit Switch available

ACEM (Automatic Chain Engage Mechanism)
During normal electrical operation the ACEM chainwheel does not rotate, so the hauling chain may be left safely fitted to the chainwheel until required. If power failure occurs the ACEM allows emergency manual operation by simply pulling the hauling chain.

This innovation is patented and available only on Grifco operators.


  • Operators mount on left or right, inboard or outboard
  • Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Housing (durable & corrosion resistant)
  • High tensile Steel & Bronze Gearing (Worm & Wheel 45:1)
  • Reliable Oil Lip Seals fitted to all shafts (prevents leakage)
  • Standard size 31.75mm (1¼") Output Shaft with 8mm key
  • Fluid Grease lubrication
  • Quality drive motors for all conditions
  • Simple connection via easily accessible terminal box

Operator Options
These Operators are available in a configuration to suit your specific requirements. For example High Cycle Rated, Waterproof, Hoseproof & Clutched Fire Shutter Operators are available.

Operator Voltages
Fire Door Operators are available in voltages to suit your requirements.