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Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
26 March, 2010

Machinery in agricultural and forestry applications can often come under high stress.

Hydraulic motors suffer from friction, excessive heat generation and cavitation.

The range of high efficiency SAI radial piston, crank shaft hydraulic motors are designed and manufactured to prevent and overcome these issues. This saves fuel every day of operation, delivering industry best power to weight ratio.

It isn't widely understood that many of the motors used in agricultural and forestry turn up to 40% of the fuel into heat though slippage.

SAI crank shaft motors have a high starting torque (>95%), high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, and wide speed range freewheeling functionality.

High starting torque enables machinery to overcome larger obstacles and steeper slopes. This would be ideal in a tree lopping or field clearing scenario.

SAI motors can be driven at higher speeds than under normal working conditions, as they are designed to operate in 'vacuum freewheeling'.

The benefits of high efficiency motors such as the SAI range are; smaller components to achieve the same performance levels, less friction, less heat generated, smaller cooling systems required, lower stress levels in the components, and higher reliability.

Another benefit is high volumetric efficiency. SAI crank shaft motors have very high volumetric efficiencies in all operating conditions, typically 99%. The seal design used throughout the motor ensures that the volumetric efficiency is not affected if components get worn with use.

One of the biggest dangers in hydraulic systems, including those used in agricultural and forestry machinery is cavitation.  As a potentially major problem in a hydraulic system it is critical to select the most suitable products in manufacturing and repairing machinery. 

SAI crank shaft motors not only can stand a partial missing of oil, but can also run in full cavitation (controlled circumstances) due to the oil inside the motor case. It guarantees the lubrication of the internal moving components, minimising the power absorption and thus the heat generation while operating in freewheeling mode.

Many SAI radial piston motors by Custom Fluidpower are available ex stock for applications in agricultural and forestry machinery drives. SAI XM05 motors are available to interchange with large orbit motors commonly used in the industry. Please ask us how.Unique solutions delivered in six weeks.