Monitoring plant performance data on a big screen

Supplier: Omniflex
28 September, 2018

Visualising plant performance data on a big screen for everybody to see has become a mandatory requirement in this age of management by KPIs, and encouraging performance driven objectives and motivation for personnel.

Not just the plant, but in administration areas as well, a glance at key data presented in real-time can improve operational efficiency. Any size large screen HDMI display can be used, depending on budget, with the mTV 100 from Omniflex enabling full dynamic HMI visualisation of plant processes or strategic KPIs derived directly from them.

Apply as and where needed: Users can add as many as they need to the network as they operate independently extracting plant data directly from the PLC or database. A different emphasis on every screen can be made enabling appropriate information for the audience concerned with operational targets. It is DIN rail mounted, 24 VDC powered and uses a standard HDMI cable up to 5 m, making it easy to apply.

Any PLC data source: With Over 250 PLCs supported, gathering plant data is simplified allowing screens to show the information where it is needed in the plant or office, presented in clear non-technical forms, bar-charts or trends, all running in real-time from plant data.

Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

Connect units to an Ethernet network as required, even in the office environment, to display the KPI criteria for all to see.

USB Bluetooth device compatibility

If user interaction is required Bluetooth devices can be added to the user interface at will.

Other benefits include:

• Free configuration software download from

• Easy to use graphic icons and templates.

• Any size HDMI display TV or monitor at 1080p resolution.

• Low cost and easily replaces standard HDMI TVs.

• Full dynamic graphics trending and statistical graphics.

• Easy installation – DIN rail and 24 VDC power.