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Mooring with safety

Supplier: Cavotec Australia
04 December, 2006

For thousands of years, the traditional practice of mooring with ropes has remained unchanged. Even in today’s highly competitive transportation market with tens of thousands of ships, serving the massive international trade in consumer goods and bulk commodities, mooring methods have remained largely unchanged since the first sailors ventured out to sea.

Changing an ancient and accepted tradition, such as mooring ships with ropes, was the challenge faced by MSL. Because of the dynamics and loads inherent with large bodies like ships moving in a fluid environment, any change to this practice required significant innovation besides being more cost effective and at least equally as safe as its predecessor. The result of this departure from a very old practice is a range of shorebased (QuaySailor Series) and shipbased

(IronSailor Series) automatic mooring systems. Automating the mooring process represents an entirely new field of maritime technology. It is a highly complex and multi-disciplined area

involving design of new products and in-depth analysis of environmental conditions and loads, hull forms, civil structural requirements and customer needs. The products are gaining great

acknowledgement and interest worldwide.