Morrow Equipment - 16T tower crane hoist

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
23 March, 2015

Retrofit secondary brakes for a 16T Hammerhead tower crane hoist for use at RNA Showground development site in Brisbane.



Customer challenge

Legislation in Victoria requires tower cranes to be fitted with a secondary emergency brake. Project construction building managers in Queensland are now stipulating that where there may be a requirement for man hoisting (dog box), then tower cranes must be fitted with an emergency brake.


Custom Fluidpower was approached by Morrow Equipment to select a suitable emergency brake package that could be retrofitted to the existing drum. This required preparation of machining drawings, machining the hoist drum end plate to create a brake disc, preparation of all documentation for the fabrication of revised hoist drum mounts supply of 2 x Custom Fluidpower CSB380-30D-102 caliper sets and 1 x APU75-05-24 hydraulic unit, and to satisfy the requirements for reviewal/approval of RPEQ, and commissioning.


Morrow Equipment can now demonstrate to the Project Managers that they have met the intent of the site requirements and have the capability to undertake this type of upgrade locally.