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Supplier: MOX

MOSAIC SCADA software is a tightly integrated, scalable distributed control system that represents and utilises the best available technologies.

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The MOSAIC SCADA Software is a powerful SCADA system that satisfies a full range of requirements for data acquisition, information analysis and distributed systems management.

MOSAIC SCADA software is a platform independent product that makes use of the latest technology to provide a flexible, secure, and highly available SCADA environment.

MOSAIC SCADA software utilises the MOSAIC Real Time Database Management System (DBMS). The ability to provide data distributed in real-time throughout a widespread network makes it ideal for interconnection of multiple operations centres. The underlying RT-DBMS allows applications to distribute data between all centres, remote servers and workstations, without knowledge of the data storage location or the remote servers to which data is to be distributed.

MOSAIC SCADA's market-leading Historian system encompasses both data (numerical data changes) and events (e.g. alarm acknowledgement, device failure, user login /logout). History is stored as dynamically-sized binary files and limited only by disk space. Any numerical field of any record, within the MOSAIC SCADA database set, may be configured so its historical waveform is captured at a specified sampling rate and data precision.

MOSAIC Desktop

The MOSAIC SCADA Desktop provides a powerful graphical user interface of the SCADA system.

The MOSAIC SCADA Desktop displays Mimics, alarms, events, reports and other information associated with the installation.

The MOSAIC SCADA Desktop has an innovative DLL architecture, allowing it to dynamically load multiple plug-in DLLs, thereby providing a common architecture with application specific functionality.


  • Powerful data event historians;
  • Highly scalable, from hundreds to hundreds of thousands;
  • Windows and UNIX platform availability;
  • Industry standard telemetry drivers (DNP3, Modbus, MoxBUS & IEC60870);
  • High levels of redundancy;
  • Designed, with support for large distributed systems;
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for custom applications.