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Motor Controllers

Supplier: Conservelec

Motor controllers can be used in conjunction with PhaseSavers™ or as stand alone treatments.

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If your company use electric motors you can profit from installing motor controllers. Although motors play a vital role in industry there are major inefficiencies in their operation that causes motors to be 70% of the electric cost for many industrial facilities. As amazing as it seems a motor can consume 20 times it's cost each year in electricity!

A large amount of electricity is wasted when motors are not operating at full load. Most motors operate at less than full load 75% of the time! Motor controllers utilize powerful microprocessors to ensure that the motor gets exactly the correct amount of power it needs to perform the job at hand, thus saving substantial amounts of electricity.

Even slight changes in demand will be perceived by the motor controller with an instantaneous response for maximum operational efficiency. The motor controller will precisely match the power input to the load requirements.

Another problem addressed by motor controllers is the high torque developed when AC induction motors first start up. The acceleration torque is substantially greater than what is required by the motor when running under full load.

The stress is spread throughout many important components of the motor such as the transmission system causing excessive wear and higher maintenance costs. The high inrush currents also have a huge effect on the electrical supply charges with startup currents often times 8-10 times higher than normal operating currents.

Motor controllers recommended by Conservelec will provide an economical and reliable solution to the built in inefficiencies of AC motors. The motor controller will implement a controlled release of power to the motor, providing smooth, stepless acceleration and deceleration.