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MPEG Analysis - Tektronix Software-Only MPEG Analysis Tools

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Tektronix provides the broadest range of easy to use and easy to understand MPEG Analyzer solutions for isolating problems with compressed video products or services in cable, satellite, terrestrial, fixed and mobile networks.

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In today's highly competitive environment tools that help you reduce your time to market, ensure standards compliance, improve interoperability and maximize service and product quality can set you apart from the competition.

Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer
The MPEG Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer (TSCA) enables monitoring and interpretation of the contents of real-time, previously recorded, or synthesized Transport Streams using the latest ATSC, DVB, ISDB-S, ISDB-T, ISDB-TB (Brazil), and MPEG standards.

The analyzer is specifically designed to enable you to quickly locate and identify problems within a Transport Stream using a minimum number of mouse clicks. By quickly identifying the problem areas, the TSCA software helps you save time during the development and test of equipment, networks, and services.

Elementary Stream (ES) Analyzer
The ES Analyzer provides the ability to view the moving picture from within a PES stream and carry out a whole range of sophisticated new tests on the lower layers of an elementary stream within a Transport Stream. In addition, it both displays and analyses a range of extended media formats, including ATSC Closed Captions, DVB Subtitles, and Teletext.

Buffer Analyzer
The Buffer Analyzer accepts any recorded Transport Stream as an input source. The TS is then demultiplexed into its component PES, grouped by Program. The user can select one or more PES to analyze for conformance to the T-STD model according to the buffer parameters for the CODEC type in question. General information such as profile and level together with any buffer errors are recorded in a log.

Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) Analyzer
When developing professional and consumer equipment, particularly encoders and set-top boxes, the characteristics of the test streams being either generated or used as stimulus need to be ascertained. The header associated with each PES packet is of particular interest, as it contains the decode and presentation time stamps (DTS and PTS) for the contained Elementary Stream. Errors in these time stamps may cause resets or picture freeze problems at the receiver in extreme cases. They are more typically the cause of lip sync problems where the time stamps of associated video and audio streams are not synchronized.

Multiplexer and SI Table Editor
The Multiplexer allows the user to collect together components from streams recorded off hard disk or CD/DVD-ROM, manipulate them in an unlimited manner, and then rebuild a fully compliant output stream. The stream may either be stored to disk or streamed directly from a physical interface when installed as part of an MTS400 Series instrument. The software’s built-in knowledge of table syntax and descriptors ensures compliance and high-quality output of the final multiplexed Transport Stream.

Playout (Transport Stream Generation) and Recording
Continuous playout of looped streams is possible at up to maximum ASI rate of 214 Mb/s with automatic updating of time stamps. One-shot play, or selected file segment looping is possible. Playout rate can be automatic from file PCRs or manually set. Simultaneous playout and recording (duplex operation) for end-to-end system test is supported as standard with a maximum aggregate bit rate of 214 Mb/s (ASI/SMPTE310M and DVB Parallel only).

Time-stamped transport stream recording can be made with packet arrival-time information stored for offline PCR timing analysis. The maximum record length is limited only by available disk space. It is not necessary to preallocate a file before recording.

Carousel Analyzer and Carousel Generator
When developing either data or object carousels for interactive applications, designers not only need to verify the content of carousels, but also whether they are compliant with the relevant standards, and to optimize the settings between transmission bandwidth and responsiveness of the user experience. These settings are mainly concerned with the repetition rates of the various carousel groups. The Carousel Analyzer is designed to address all of these needs for a Transport Stream file containing carousel components.

The Carousel Generator product is used for creating object carousel contents within an output Transport Stream. This is particularly useful in test situations where the effects of varying parameters, such as individual repetition intervals, may be quickly ascertained. The generator will create object carousels conforming to the MPEG-2 DSM-CC, DVB, DTT (MHEG-5), or MHP standards.

MTS4CC Elementary Stream Compliance Checker and Analyzer
MTS4CC Video Compliance Checker and Analyzer is a powerful PC-based software package for the deferred-time analysis of encoded video elementary streams. Supported video standards include H.264/AVC, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2, and H.263. Supported audio standards include MPEG-2 audio, AAC, and AC-3 (for playback and waveform view). The MTS4CC is intended as a more cost effective solution for those customers who do not require the advanced diagnostic capabilities of the MTS4EA ES Analyzer.

MTS4EA Elementary Stream Compliance Checker and Analyzer
MTS4EA Elementary Stream Analyzer is a powerful PC-based software package for the deferred time analysis of encoded audio and video elementary streams. Supported video standards include H.264/AVC, VC-1, MPEG-2 , MPEG-4 part 2 and H.263. Supported audio standards include MPEG-2 audio, AAC and AC-3. MTS4EA is available for standalone or networked PCs, and for Tektronix MTS415/430/4SA MPEG Test Systems.