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MPEG Generators - Tektronix MTX100B MPEG-2 Recorder and Player

Supplier: TekMark Australia

The MTX100B MPEG-2 Recorder and Player offers a flexible, affordable solution for design evaluation and conformance testing of digital video systems using MPEG-2 technology

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The MTX100B records and plays out MPEG-2 transport streams compliant with ATSC, DVB, and ISDB standards at the high data rates needed to verify and troubleshoot designs for high-performance video products and systems. The large internal storage, USB 2.0, and Ethernet download capability help you build and maintain a large library of test streams. A suite of DVB, ATSC, and MPEG Test streams are provided with the instrument and optional Multiplexer software with new integrated playout functionality, provides a complete stream creation and generation tool set.

The MTX100B offers continuous, error-free transport stream looping for long-duration playout, and PCR jitter insertion for stressing designs. Users can continuously loop all sample streams, including updating of all time stamps, continuity counters, time tables (TDT, TOT, and STT), Normal Playtime Reference, ISDB-T Reed Solomon FEC plus RTP time stamps and sequence numbers for IPTV, without fear of buffer under- or overflow. IP generation capability negates the need to purchase a separate IP Player and provides a consistent user experience regardless of which physical interface is used to generate streams. Investment is protected through inclusion of support for IPv6 and TTS standards.

Ethernet network remote control functionality enables control of functions such as Play, Record, Clock Rate, and Jitter Insertion using the SCPI (Standard Control for Programmable Instruments) command set.
The MTX100B can play any transport stream files, including custom transport streams created with offline multiplexers in the Tektronix MPEG Analysis Tools. In addition, the MTX100B can play data files in other formats, including elementary streams and files in DSS format.

Features & Benefits
  • Transport Stream Generation and Recording in a Portable Form Factor with Real-time Updating of Time Stamps and Time Tables for Error-free Looping
  • IPTV and Video over IP Stress Test Generation for STB Test or Migrating to IP Interface Technology, Including Support for IPv6 and TTS Standards
  • Comprehensive Suite of DVB, ATSC, and MPEG Test Streams Supplied as Standard Provides Ready-made Content for Stream Creation and Generation
  • Multiplexer Software Option with New Integrated Playout Functionality Provides a Complete Solution for Stream Creation, Editing, and Generation
  • High-capacity Storage, and High Data Rate Recording and Playout of MPEG Transport Streams Let You Build, Maintain, and Use a Large Local Library of Test Streams
  • IEEE1394b, USB 2.0, and GbE Interface Download of Transport Streams for Optimum Flexibility in Storing and Managing Transport Stream Libraries
  • PCR Jitter Insertion to Help You Fully Stress Your Product or System Design
  • Remote Control using Ethernet, with Standard Command for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) Command Set
  • Easy Integration with Tektronix MPEG Analysis Tools for Transport Stream Creation to Support Compliance and Stress Testing of Video Products Using MPEG-2 Technology
  • Integrated with Tektronix Monitoring Tools for Powerful and Cost-effective Transport Stream Monitoring, and Error Recording
  • Color Hierarchical Display of Transport Stream Components for Quick and Easy Interpretation of Complex Structures
  • A Full Suite of Electrical Interfaces Lets You Address a Wide Range of Applications

  • IRD/STB Design and Manufacturing Test
  • Evaluation of Professional MPEG Equipment
  • Performance Verification of MPEG Systems
  • Scheduling of Stream Playout and Recording for Broadcast and Production Line Applications
  • Portable, In-field Analysis Tool for System Installation, Commissioning, and Debug of MPEG Transmission Systems