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MPPT Solar Regulator - Blue Sky Energy SB1524iX

Supplier: Solar Power Australia & ELMOFO

Want to charge a 12V battery bank with a 24V solar panel?

Price Guide: POA

Blue Sky Energy have just released a new MPPT regulator that is both powerful and well priced, allowing the user to get significant increases in output from a broader range of solar modules. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) regulators boost the yield from solar modules by up to 30% by intelligently scanning the output of the module. The Solar Boost SB1524iX allows the connection of the vast range of 24V solar modules to a 12V or 24V battery bank. These modules are significantly cheaper per watt, are often more compact, and have long warranties of 25 years.

The SB1524iX will take 5A from a 24V 175W panel and convert it up to 13A into a 12V battery! The regulator is rated to 20A at 12V or 15A at 24V, and features a multi-function auxiliary terminal which can be used to control loads, charge a secondary battery, or automatically switch lighting on and off at programmable intervals.

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