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MPS/100 PC/104 Power Supply

Supplier: Motium

Motium's MPS/100 is a 120W PC/104 format power supply (DC-DC converter) module. Its wide input voltage range makes it ideal for vehicle (car, bus, truck, aircraft and marine), battery and unregulated input applications.

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Its unique design results in very high efficiencies, allowing for high output currents at high ambient temperatures. For example, no fan cooling is needed at 82W output power (+12V @ 3.5A and 5V @ 8A), even at ambient temperatures of 70C.

Another important feature is that the +12V regulator does not take power from the +5V supply, which means that high output currents can be simultaneously supplied from the +5V and +12V outputs, without risk of the MPS/100 running too hot (which is the case with modules that up-convert +5V to +12V).

The MPS/100 is designed for use as:

  • a mezzanine power supply module for single board computers (SBCs).
  • a power supply module within a PC/104 stack.

Input and output power connectors are designed for automotive use, with a secure locking mechanism, ideal for high-vibration environments (like vehicles), unlike screw terminals.

Input transient and load-dump protection is provided via a 5kW transient suppressor and filter circuit.

A sophisticated intelligent power on / off control function is provided by an optional on-board microcontroller. Configurable functions provided include:

  • Time delay between when vehicle is turned on and output power goes on.
  • Time delay between when vehicle is turned off and output power goes off.
  • Output power off if the vehicle’s engine is not running, and the vehicle’s battery voltage falls below a specified voltage.

Configuration is via an RS232 data port, using Motium’s configuration utility (Windows and Linux versions available). The RS232 port can also be used to collect status information from the power supply.

Note: the power supply is supplied as shown in the photograph. No additional heatsink is required.

Key applications:

  • Vehicles: cars, trucks, buses.
  • Marine.
  • Aircraft.
  • Battery powered equipment.
  • Industrial equipment.

Key specifications:

  • 120W PC/104 Power Supply Module.
  • Very high efficiency. Up to 95%.
  • 6 VDC to 36* VDC input range.
  • +5V @ 14A.
  • +12V @ 5A.
  • -12V @ 0.5A.
  • NO forced air cooling required at +5V @ 8A and +12V @ 3.5A.
  • +12V is NOT derived from +5V output.
  • +5V and +12V outputs short circuit protected, and automatically recover when the short circuit is removed.
  • -30°C to +85°C operating range.
  • Automotive connectors maximise reliability in harsh environments.
  • Transient and load-dump protection.
  • Intelligent power on/off control (option).