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MSA V-Gard - a design for all ages

Supplier: MSA Australia
01 June, 2012

MSA has sold well over 100 million V-Gard Helmets since its introduction – so many in fact, that the iconic “V” design has been a mainstay for many years on even the toughest work sites.

Throughout the ages, we have sought to protect ourselves from physical injury resulting from our work or play.

It is no wonder that head protection has been recorded as far back as 55BC, when it was first recorded as being worn during the Roman invasions. It is not rocket science to determine that the head is the most vulnerable part of the body as it protects our most important asset, our brain.

From leather to metals to various plastic materials used today, head protection has evolved throughout the ages, but the purpose has remained the same.

2012, marked an important year for industrial head protection as MSA celebrated globally the V-Gard. In 1962, MSA released the MSA V-Gard Hard Hat. What makes this significant is that this was the first time the signature V was used. The signature V design is a bold insightful and unique design concept that revolutionised industrial head protection throughout the world. To this day many head protection products are made in a round shape, with no real innovation.

So why a V design? Could it be as simple as, because it just looks good? Well that is partly true. Another reason is that the V design contours to the important areas of the cap shell, to provide greater structural integrity. This means greater protection in the event of an impact.

MSA V-Gard has a proven track record of saving lives. Mr Santos Nunez Varas of Mexico knows this personally when he was hit on the head by rock from a height of 70 metres.

He is alive thanks to the engineering innovation of the MSA V-Gard Cap design that really protects workers’ lives.

The MSA signature V maybe turning 50, however innovation and improvement is on-going.

In 2002, MSA Australia launched the MSA V-Gard Advance (now known as the MSA V-Gard 500 cap) and the MSA CoolGard (now known as the MSA V-Gard 200 cap).

Retaining the original V-Gard integrity and the signature V, these two new styles gave the V-Gard a stronger visual distinction from its competitors around the world. These new styles introduced the industrial head protection market to modern sleek edges and venting options that maximise airflow around the head — this making the V-Gard the coolest cap in the market.

The undercarriage of the modernised V-Gard also received a boost of design innovation with the introduction of the 6 point harness suspension. This improves adjustment and fit and provides superior comfort. This is reflected in the MSA V-Gard receiving the Good Design Award, an accolade that MSA has cherished.

For over 50 years V-Gard has led and continues to lead the pack with innovation, quality and design excellence. The V-Gard pedigree is proven and beyond reproach and continues to protect workers when they need it.