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Mulch - Equestrian Rubber Mulch Maintenance

Supplier: Rubber Mulch

Mulch - Equestrian Rubber Mulch Maintenance, Regular maintenance is important especially if it is used regularly,

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Mulch - Equestrian Rubber Mulch Maintenance
It is important to keep your riding surface area at an even level, we advise that you use a leveling devise with lines set 30mm above the base and a depth slide to the rear of a tractor; the width of the leveling lines to be 5cm or 500mm past the rear so you don’t leave tyre tracks and cause rutting, by doing this it will keep it fluffed up and aerated giving the arena an even air content and cushion effect. It recombines the sand and rubber and keeps it working to its full potential. Try to work your arena evenly and if you are jumping frequently it is best to move your jumps around to give it an even wear.