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Mullins Wheels

Mullins Wheels Pty Ltd is a private, third generation family company, which commenced work in the South Australian motor industry in the early 1900s. Early work was associated with wire wheels and manufacturing of replacement components as spare parts in the formative years of the motor industry were not available.

The business progressed and began to specialise in the fitment of pneumatic wheels. From the mid 1920s the company was involved in the conversion of trucks equipped with solid tyres to pneumatic tyres and wheels. Tractor and agricultural machinery was also found to perform better on pneumatic tyres.

Through the evolution of the motor industry, the company then became involved in the manufacture of passenger aluminum alloy wheels and began an expansion program during the 1970s and 1980s, opening branch offices and warehouses nationwide and in 1998 opened a subsidiary company in New Zealand. Today Mullins Wheels employs 140 people Australia-Wide.

The company has a well-known and established brand in the alloy wheel aftermarket - CSA Alloy Wheels and is known as an innovative manufacturer of stylish wheels, enhancing the appearance of motor vehicles both in Australia and overseas. All CSA Alloy Wheels are manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1638.

Mullins Wheels has been a major exporter of aluminum alloy wheels for many years and exports approximately 35% of its production to customers in some 30 countries around the world.

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In keeping with customer requirements and anticipating their needs, the company has invested some $700,000 in the design, specification, building and commissioning of a new world class wet coat paint line facility.

This new paint line is provided with filtered, temperature and humidity controlled air in the paint booths and entry tunnels in order to apply paint in the most advantageous atmosphere.
The wheels enter the paint booths on conveyor lines and are automatically rotated.

By applying the paint in a controlled atmosphere in a horizontal position, we achieve superior paint deposition and a thicker, more lustrous clear coat, thereby significantly enhancing the quality of the cosmetic finish on the wheels.

This commitment to improving quality continues to keep the company at the forefront of wheel industry technology and makes us more competitive with the large number of imported wheels that come into Australia and also in our export markets.

This investment further demonstrates the company's commitment to Australian manufacturing in order to remain at the forefront of this globally competitive industry.

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