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Multi-Deck Weighbridges by AccuWeigh

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With truck weighing, the axle load is just as important as the payload. Strained axles result in massive fines. A multi-deck weighbridge will weigh axles separately as well as the overall payload. Stay penalty free with AccuWeigh’s Multi-Deck Weighbridges.

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This has become increasingly more important for everyone in the transport industry since the "Duty Of Care" issue was raised.

Accuweigh Multi-Deck Weighbridges have multiple weighing decks positioned so as to enable all axle groups of the truck to be individually weighed during a single weighing transaction.

Each weighbridge deck has its own digital weight indicator and a summing unit is used to totalise the total weight of all the decks to arrive at an overall vehicle weight. This allows the operator or weighbridge software to easily identify overloaded axle groups.

Multi-Deck Weighbridges are available in all Weighbridge designs:

  • Above Ground Weighbridge
  • In-Ground Weighbridge
  • In-Ground Semi-Pit Weighbridge
  • In-Ground Weighbridge with Deck Access to Pit
  • Rail Weighbridge

The multi-deck weighbridge design does increase the initial outlay of the weighbridge with the requirement of multiple smaller weighbridge decks, multiple digital weight indicators, a summing unit, more loadcells and more complex testing procedures.

Most companies find the extra initial costs are quickly paid back through the huge potential benefits of increased and optimised payloads as well as protection against overloading fines.

Accuweigh can also supply the complete range of weighbridge hardware and weighbridge software solutions for any site. Hardware option includes boom gates, electronic identification systems, traffic control lights, driver control stations, personal computers, printers, radio modems, remote displays, and more.

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