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Multifunction Electrical Power Analyser | HT GSC60

Supplier: OBIAT Electronics Pty Ltd

The new GSC60 is a Multifunction 3 in 1 Electrical Analyser. It's a Power Logger, Ground Resistance Tester and a full Installation Tester. No other instrument can match its versatility and price!

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Three-phase Power Quality and Energy Analyser

  • 9 types of electrical systems:1Φ-2wires, 1Φ-split phase, 3Φ-3 wires, 3Φ-Aron, 3Φ-Open Δ, 3Φ-Open Y, 3Φ-2 el. 1/2, 3Φ-4 wires Y, 3Φ-High Leg.
  • 632 parameters can be recorded for over two months 
  • Voltage Anomalies (dips and peaks) with a resolution of 20ms @50Hz
  • Measurement/recording of Active, Reactive, Apparent Power 
  • Measurement/recording of Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy 
  • Measurement/recording of Cosphi, Power Factor 
  • Measurement/Recording of Voltage and Current Harmonics up to 49th with THD% 
  • Voltage/current vector diagram 
  • Voltage/current waveforms 
  • Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD% 
  • Summary table of main electric parameters 
  • Help on line on the display 
  • Protection category: CAT IV

Installation Tester

  • Continuity of protective circuit with 200mA 
  • Insulation with test voltage of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC 
  • Time/Current tripping of A, AC General, Selective and Delayed RCDs up to 1000mA 
  • Time/Current tripping of type B RCDs up to 300mA 
  • Tripping time and current of RCDs with separate clamp jaws type B, A, AC Standard, Selective and
  • Delayed up to 10A 
  • Loop impedance P-N, P-P, P-PE and calculation of prospective short-circuit current
  • Advanced Loop Testing of MCB’s, Fuses and Cable Sizing 
  • Line/Loop impedance with high resolution (with optional accessory IMP57) 
  • Percentage voltage drop on the line
  • Measurement of Phase Sequence
  • Measurement and recording of leakage currents and environment parameters with optional accessories

Earth Resistance Tester

  • Earth resistance with 2 or 3-pole volt-ampere method in TT, TN and IT systems
  • Soil resistivity with 4-pole Wenner method.
  • Stakeless earth ground resistance measurement with optional T2100 Earth Ground Clamp
  • Non-trip earth loop impedance measurement

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