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Multifunctional Tablets | Eco-Tabs™

Supplier: Oceanic Bio

The Australian agricultural sector represents the largest consumer of fresh water in Australia and consumes around 7500 gigalitres per year.

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This is particularly true for livestock operations such as dairy farms which account for 18% of the water used in agriculture. A large proportion of this water ends up as effluent which, in most cases, is held in effluent ponds in the hope that through the natural breakdown process the resultant water will be safe for discharge or irrigation.

In reality this process often results in water which is overloaded with nutrients and solids which is being discharged in rivers and onto fields and severely damages the environment. Due to prohibitive cost, expensive wastewater treatment plants are not a viable solution for agricultural wastewater treatment.

Benefits of Eco-Tabs™ Multifunctional Tablets:

  • The Eco-Tabs™ technology represents a cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for the treatment of agricultural wastewater.
  • No expensive equipment is required and we will work with the owner to develop a highly effective and economical Eco-Tabs™ solution to ensure that the effluent is always treated to the required standard.
  • A few signs that indicate an unhealthy treatment system are sludge buildup, odour and as far as water analysis is concerned, high BOD, high suspended solids and high levels of Nitrate. Eco-Tabs™ have been shown to remove sludge, mitigate odours, reduce BOD and suspended solids by 90% and maintain a safe Nitrate level safe for irrigation or discharge.