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Multipurpose Depositor / Trigger Nozzle Filler - iopak Ace

Supplier: Process Plant Network

This multi-purpose depositor / trigger nozzle filler is a real steal - so much for so little! It uses a helical rotor system with a servo drive, is mobile, hygienic , multipurpose and accurate!

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These depositor /fillers are much used in the bakery as well as other food industries. It is used to fill or deposit high viscosity liquids, high density liquids, semi-solids, low concentration liquid containing granules filling. GREAT FOR SAUSAGE ROLLS & PASTIES TOO!

Specifications of Multipurpose Depositor / Trigger Nozzle Filler - iopak Ace:

  • Nominal  Capacity: Max 200?/1 sec.
  • Filling amount: 25? ~ 5000?/per filling
  • Filling accuracy: ±2%
  • Granule / Particulate size: 6? (standard)
  • Resists High Temperature to 150°C
  • Hopper Size: 50L

Features of Multipurpose Depositor / Trigger Nozzle Filler - iopak Ace:

  • Digitally controlled filling & speed settings
  • Stainless steel -easy to clean * hygienic
  • No leakage during filling
  • Manual filling with the ability to link multiple machines for simultaneous filling.
  • Foot operated switch or trigger nozzle (optional)

Jams, chocolate, syrups, sauces, tomato ketchup, batters, stews, sausage meats, eggs, fats, gelatine, soup, liquid sugar, molasses, honey, vinegar, preserves, soya sauce, peanut butter, jelly, chutney, mincemeat, olive oil, palm oil, chicken paste, coconut oil, cod oil, ketchup, maple syrup, marmalade, salad dressing, flavouring, pulp.

Milk, curd, yogurt, whey, cheese, butter, margarine, oils, creams, cheese whey, mousse, custard cream cheese, pudding.

Beer, wines, alcohol, syrups, yeast, wort, spirits, juices, cordials, minerals, tea, water, coffee liquor, cordials, cranberry juice.

Acids, alkaline, soaps, paints, dyes, lacquers, resins, lubricants, solvents, black liquors, adhesives, latex, waxes, coatings, pastes, nail polish, mascara

Cream, gels, serums, disinfectants, lotions, shampoos, perfumes, soaps, toothpaste, vaccines, Vaseline, antibiotics, glucose, iodine ointment, perfumes.
ISO 9002 rating