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Mumetal Test Bench Mk II

Supplier: AEM Cores

One moving part and 40,000 data points per core - nothing equals the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the AEM MKII Mumetal Test Bench.

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The Operator simply enters the core dimensions, places the core under the measurement probe and pushes the cycle start button. If the core passes testing, a label is printed for the operator to apply to the core. Batch testing of cores has never been easier or quicker!

With fast, repeatable and accurate test data available, 100% compliant QA and QC programs are now possible. Process faults, material fluctuations and even operator mishandling can be quickly identified and rectified before cores are dispatched.


  • Self calibrating,
  • Accurate to one part in a million
  • 350Watts of step-less excitation power
  • Degauss and test a mumetal core in 6 seconds.
  • Real time display of hysteresis loop and magnetising curve (B vs H)
  • Multiple materials can be programmed and selected from the front panel.
  • Test covers full range of flux levels. The default test exercises the core through its entire range from 0.55T down to 0.007T.
  • Each label contains core dimensions, unique test numer and a table of actual H values (A/m) for specific flux densities Bact (T).
  • Core is energised by a true sinusoidal wave generated on board and completely independent of any supply line fluctuations.
  • No variacs or moving components in the excitation circuit to wear out. The ONLY moving part is the measurement probe plug mechanism designed to minimise the mean turn length of the two windings around the core.


  • Mumetal only MKII Test Bench
  • Minimum toroid ID 45mm
  • Maximum toroid OD 600mm
  • Maximum toroid Build Up 80mm
  • Maximum Strip Width 60mm
  • Power 240Vac single phase, 10Amp supply 50/60Hz