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Munchkin Land, Highpoint Shopping Centre, Victoria

Supplier: Polyflor
03 September, 2012

Munchkin Land is a unique childcare facility within a shopping centre; a place where 'kids can be kids' and parents can focus on the task at hand — getting the shopping done.

Studio Equator's design intention was to create a space dedicated to inspiring and entertaining children.

Furthermore, the space needed to be safe, durable and practical enough to withstand the constant heavy wear and tear that children might impose on a space that encourages energetic activities.

Using colourful playfulness with scale and quirky graphics, the interior is a visual playground. Echoes of a 'yellow brick road' flowing across floors and walls were achieved with Polyflor 'Mystique' flooring products.

This floor-to-wall, custom-designed pattern encouraged an imaginative approach to the space, providing an excellent example of how versatile and effective Polyflor vinyl flooring products can be.

The colour range highly complemented the surrounding vibrant colours of the custom-designed graphics, furniture pieces and feature 'clouds' suspended from the ceiling. a constant visual delight for the children.

The clever design allows for the floors and walls to be easily maintained despite the constant flow of traffic.

The result: an innovative environment that is quieter for little feet to scurry across, warmer and softer underfoot and impact resistant.