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Murrin Murrin: nickel / cobalt production facility

Supplier: MIPAC
28 June, 2011

Dry laterite nickel-cobalt pressure acid leach plant and refinery.

Project overview

Design rate of 45,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) nickel and 3,000 tpa cobalt.

MIPAC scope

  • Maintain and support DCS / PLC / Instrument systems
  • Development and trouble shooting across plant areas
  • Implementation of sequencing, batch and auto control strategies
  • Operator and engineer training
  • Process optimisation.

Technical highlights

  • High-pressure acid leaching
  • Natural gas reformer
  • H2S sulphide precipitation
  • Power generation from steam turbines and gas turbine
  • Hydrogen-reduction-based nickel/cobalt refinery
  • Organic-based solvent extraction
  • Air separation plant
  • Oxygen-based sulphide leach
  • Miscellaneous materials and process handling system.


  • Implementation of process improvement recommendations
  • Implementation of advanced sequencing, batch and auto-control strategies.