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For most of our customers, a pick-and- place machine is their largest single investment. This fact puts a lot of responsibility directly on us. Call it positive pressure. Ultimately, high expectations like yours are the main source of our reputation for flexibility, quality and accuracy. There is no "typical" MYDATA customer, though they often share several characteristics: they’re thinkers and innovators - people who have their hearts in what they're doing.

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Just keeps going

Owners of MYDATA equipment usually work primarily with short-series production and need fast changeovers and setup times. In many cases, our customers want a machine that can populate any type of board with any type of component, as well as a machine that will be accurate for years to come.

Because they will work with a machine for many years, they also want equipment that can be upgraded to handle the latest technologies and those yet to come. In short, they’re investing in up-time and throughput, not a piece of machinery. They expect MYDATA equipment to produce more, do it problem-free and then quickly get on to the next job.

Fast changeover times

Perhaps the single greatest characteristic of MYDATA machines is their flexibility. Setup and changeover times are among the fastest in the industry. Why? The secret lies in our software, called TPSys. Developed by our software experts, it reflects our R&D philosophy of getting the machine to do as many steps as possible while it is still running.

This is why our machines are always connected directly to your network. With a seamless linkup, they can retrieve information about the next batch, prepared somewhere else - everything from converted CAD files and mount data, to information on optimal magazine kitting for line balancing and bill-of-materials info.

This is also why the machine will never stop producing, even if you run out of components. In short, it's the closest thing to a plug-and-play solution as you’ll find in the industry.

All-in-one solution

Many customers tell us they are relieved to have a single machine that can handle virtually any job. This applies especially to components: from tiny 0402s to large QFPs; from CSPs in new packaging material to large BGAs with asymmetric bump patterns; from odd-shaped components to even, through-hole components.

High accuracy

Tests show that MYDATA machines offer a very high level of accuracy. This is largely due to a battery of vision systems and sensors that allow for razor-sharp precision. It is also closely related to our control software, which is built with the user in mind. This means simpler programming.

Our philosophy is that anything that can be driven by software should be driven by software. This approach is one of the primary reasons our machines stay accurate throughout their working life.

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