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Natural General Purpose H/Wt. Bio-Degradable Grey Single Laminated 100/Pads

Supplier: Spill Control

The Single Laminated Natural Bonded General Purpose Pads gives the user another added feature. The laminated GP pad provides a lint free barrier between the spill and the user, affords the user with a cleaner surface.

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  • Use on all general purpose spill applications - coolants, solvents, oil & petroleum, grease, insecticides, paint and all water based liquids.
  • Use as a spill barrier between the drips/leaks and the surface you need to keep clean. This affords the user most time to repair the leak/leaks and keep the surface slip free.
  • Laminated pads are industrial tough and durable and can be used for heavy machinery cleaning.
  • Use inconjuction with any degreaser/solvent.
  • Use in place of any rag/wipe, it will absorb the equivlent of a dozen rags/wipes, in half the time.
  • Offers slip free resistance safety feature under feet.
  • Last longer on the job.
  • Features a high loft and highly-absorbent natural fiber core bonded to strong lint-free laminated cover.
  • Drip free-has polymer added to it's fiber core.
  • Soft and drapeable to use in tight spots.
  • Universal pads have great wet strength—actually gets stronger when wet.
  • Pads are perforated.
  • Cost effective when compared to polypropylene.
  • Environmentally friendly-bio-degradable.
  • Will not fall apart and let you down when handling petroleum spill.
  • Treated with fire retardant.
  • Vermin protected.

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