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Near dry sawing at 400mm diameter with extended blade life

Supplier: Unist Australia By: John Barker
12 February, 2010

In this example, we fitted a Unist saw system, and sucessfully cut difficult solid tool steels of up to 400mm diameter. Blade life extended by 80%.

This horizontal band saw is the work horse of a company that cuts steel day in day out.

Unist Australia approached the company with a proposal to offer a cost effective solution against running flood coolant. The system offered had to be reliable and meet may stringent mile stones.

The results were outstanding, here are the main points of interest that were recorded.

   1. Blade life increased by an average of 80%

   2. Temperature rise of stock: Approximately 10-20 degrees C

   3. Time taken to cut material: same as flood, & can most likely can be faster.

   4. Volume of lubricant consumed: Approximately 10ml per hour

   5. Air consumption:  Approximately 0.5 CFM

   6. Chip color: No color

   7. Sawing noise: reduced.

   8. Cut squareness: + - 0.5mm

   9. Temperature rise of blade: none detected

Material being cut ranged from mild steel to tool steels a satisfactory result was achieved on all materials.

Flood coolant was eliminated and all the costs associated with it, the work site was cleaned up and repainted, there was never another drop of oil to be spilt or wasted in this area ever again.

Customers expectation were met and  a cost effective outcome was achieved resulting in a world best practise solution.

A cost effective,environmental solution, which increased blade life by an average of 80%.