Neousys New Edge AI GPU Computing Platform with NVIDIA® RTX 30 series

Supplier: Neousys Technology
20 April, 2021

Neousys New Edge AI GPU Computing Platform with NVIDIA® RTX 30 series

Taipei, Taiwan – Feb. 8th, 2021 – Neousys Technology, an industry-leading provider of rugged embedded systems, announced its Nuvo-8108GC-XL, an edge AI GPU computing platform supporting NVIDIA® RTX 30 series GPU card up to RTX 3080 and Intel® Xeon® E, 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ processors. Featuring patented thermal operation up to 60°C, support for shock and vibration up to 3Grms, and wide-range 8-48V DC power input design, it is an advanced industrial-grade edge AI GPU computing platform that can take autonomous driving, vision inspection and intelligent video analytics to the next level.

To accommodate the latest RTX 30 series GPU cards into the system and maximize its performance, Nuvo-8108GC-XL comes with a brand-new mechanical design highlighting patented heat dissipation and thermal design to bring out the best in the latest RTX 30 series GPU cards and its heterogeneous parallel computing architecture. Also, Nuvo-8108GC-XL has an additional x8 PCIe slot (4-lanes) and one x16 PCIe slot (8-lanes) for developers to add on high performance or bandwidth-hungry expansion cards to extend function sets and achieve diverse applications, such as video analytics and deep learning vision inspection or 4G/ 5G communications via M.2 expansion.

As the successor to Nuvo-8108GC, the central controller of Baidu Apollo 2.0 – an open source autonomous driving platform, the Nuvo-8108GC-XL maintains the excellent bloodline with an abundance of screw-lockable I/Os while the patented damping bracket and GPU stabilizing bar allow it to operate reliably and stably in shock and vibration conditions. With wide-range DC input, built-in ignition control and the ability to provide heavy power requirements for NVIDIA® RTX 30 series graphics cards, it can be deployed on a vehicle and directly be powered via the car's electrical power system.

"Nuvo-8108GC-XL leads the way for industrial edge AI GPU platforms as one of the first to support RTX 3080. To ensure our customers can enjoy the benefits of NVIDIA's latest AI infrastructure, our team worked tirelessly to develop a groundbreaking lineup of products that range from power-efficient, high-performance to the environmentally demanding that address new opportunities and challenges" said Bob Dang, product manager at Neousys." said Bob Dang, product manager at Neousys.