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Nepean Engineering - Design & Special Purpose Machines

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Examples of Design & Special Purpose Machines for various clients:

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

  • BTR Automotive
    • Pinion Nut Torque Machine
    • To tighten the nut for diff pinion and checking / setting the preload on the pinion bearing
  • BTR Automotive
    • Hydrostat Torque Tester To check the torque of hydrostat
  • BTR Automotive
    • Dual Ram Axle Press
    • To press bearing and retainer and monitor the pressing loads
  • BTR Automotive
    • Carousel Wash
    • To wash the Diff Carrier and its components
  • BTR Automotive
    • Tunnel Wash
    • To wash the carrier Pallets
  • TRW Austrailia
    • Station-1
    • To assemble main parts of Power Steering Assembly
  • TRW Austrailia
    • Station-2
    • To assemble the Sleeve valve Assembly in the power steering
  • TRW Austrailia
    • Station-3
    • To assemble bearings and seals in power steering body
  • TRW Austrailia
    • Rack Mill & Drill
    • Multi Axes CNC machine to mill & Drill the Power Steering rack
  • South Corp
    • Heater Body Press
    • For punching and pressing Holes in Heater Body
  • SC Johnson
    • Air Freshners Sleeving Machine
    • For Packaging of Air freshners
  • Nepean Meco Conveyors
    • Tube Cutter
    • For chipless cutting of conveyor rollers to required length
  • Nepean Meco Conveyors
    • Tube Borer
    • For boring the ends of conveyor rollers
  • Nepean Meco Conveyors
    • Tube Welder
    • To weld the Bearing Housings in the conveyor tubes
  • Nepean Meco Conveyors
    • Cartridge Machine
    • To assemble bearings & Seals and filling grease in conveyor roller housings
  • TriStar Steering & Suspension
    • Multihead Drilling Machine
    • drilling holes at different agles in power steering sleeve
  • Spicer Axle Australia
    • Pinion Measure & Press
    • For criberation and measurement of Pinion / Bearing and press
  • Dana Automotive Group Australia
    • Tone Wheel Press & Gauging Machine
    • To assemble Tone Wheel & check run out
  • Dana Automotive Group Australia
    • Axle Press (Servo Driven)
    • To press bearing and retainer and monitor the pressing loads with auto feed of retainers
  • Dana Automotive Group Australia
    • Electric Toe Grinder
    • To debur the toe of crown gear
  • Nepean Plastic
    • Seal Assembly Machine
    • To assemble seals and fill grease in seal assembly

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