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Nesting Software - SigmaNEST

Supplier: Cridland Cutting Systems

SigmaNEST Rectangular Nesting Software.

Price Guide: POA

This Nesting Software includes:

  • Geometry Creation
    • User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Icons.
    • Integrated 2D  Drawing Package.
    • Parametric Shapes Library (100+), User Definable.
  • File Conversion and Importing
    • Import AutoCAD DXF & DWG, CADL, IGES, HPGL files.
    • Convert Existing “G” Code & ESSI Files to CAD. Batch
    • Processing of Bill of Material Files.
  • Part Creation
    • Standard Lead in and Lead out Options
    • Automatic Geometry verification and Error Correction.
    • Automatic Lead in and Lead out generation.
    • Grain Constraint for Manual and Automatic Nesting.
    • Integrated  parts Database.
  • Part Cost Estimating and Reporting
    • Automatic Calculation of Part Area, Weight, Cutting Time and Cost.
    • Material Requirements Estimating.
    • User Definable Reports.
    • User Definable Cost Parameters.
    • Machine Specific Customisable Quote.
  • Easy to use Manual Nesting
    • Manipulation of Parts using Bump and Snap.
    • Part Clustering and Grouping.
    • Supporting array, rotate, move, mirror, copy , etc.
    • Lead in can Be Easily moved and Changed.
  • Powerful Automatic Rectangular  Nesting
    • Automatic Rectangular Nesting of Parts or Clusters.
    • Automatic Multi Head nesting with torch reduction.
    • Automatic Part back to back best fit grid.
  • Automatic NC Programming and Code Generation
    • Automatic Lead in Placement.
    • Fully Automatic or Interactive cutter path Generation.
    • Automatic Sequencing for Machine optimisation.
    • Automatic Code Download to your Machine Controller.

Upgrade options can include:
SNW201 SigmaNEST® Trueshape Nesting Module Includes:
(Requires SNW101 Module)

  • True Shape Nesting Module with
    • Automatic True shape nesting, including Parts in Parts.
    • Automatic Multi Head true shape nesting & Sequencing.
    • Multiple Sheet Nesting on Rectangular Sheets.
      When Purchased with SNW101, the purchase code is SNW102

SNW201 SigmaNEST® Remnant Module Includes:
Requires SNW102 Module or SNW101 and SNW201.

  • Remnant Nesting Module with
    • Automatic Nesting on Remnant Sheets.
    • Automatic Cropping and Remnant Creation.
    • Integrated Remnant Database.

SNW205 SigmaNEST® Advanced NC Programming Module Includes: 
Requires SNW102 Module or SNW101 and SNW201.

  • Advanced NC programming Module, complete with
    • Common Line Cutting.
    • Bridge Cutting and Pierce reduction.
    • Chain cutting.
    • Feature Avoidance.
    • Variable Quality.
    • Automatic Cutting of Skeletons into smaller pieces.

Included in the  Price with  any  SigmaNEST Purchase are:

  • SigmaNEST  advanced Waterjet Post Processor
    • Variable Rotation Sub routine
    • Automatic Corner Ramping and Slow Down.
    • Automatic Variable Feed-rate Support.
    • User Definable Cutting technology database with Automatic Lookup.
    • Variable Quality Support.
  • Training
    • 3 Days at a Your Premises.
  • Software Maintenance for One Year
    • Includes free Telephone Technical Support.
    • Software updates in the First year at no charge.

Additional Options Available at time of Order or at a Later time

  • Job tracking and Nesting Module.
  • Inventory Control Module.
  • Advanced Automatic Nesting Module.
  • SigmaNEST Develop Module. ( Duct / Pipes.)
  • Bevel Programming Module and Post processor.
  • SigmaNEST Filtering.
  • MRP front office systems for complete ordering Control