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Network communication server

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MOXA CN2500 Async Server provides powerful and reliable solutions to connect async devices with 4/8/16 RS-232 serial ports, such as terminals, modems, data switches, mainframe computers and POS devices, to TCP/IP 10/100M Ethernet hosts. If your application environment requires either UNIX-based workstations or Windows NT-based PC servers, Async Server offers the best of both worlds.

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Integrate Terminal Server, Remote Access Server, Async Device Server and Printer Server

MOXA Async Server is successfully installed in banking and travel reservation systems connecting terminals, as terminal server; in medium-sized enterprise networks connecting modems, as remote access server; in telecom companies connecting async-interface equipment, as async device server; or in stock exchange agents connecting printers, as printer server. Each of Async Server 4/8/16 serial ports is individually configurable. Multi-functionality is achieved by configuring each serial port of Async Server according to your application needs.

Proven Workstation Solution with Convenient TCP/IP Programming Tool

CN2500 Async Server is perfect to connect async devices among different computer platforms, such as PC server, IBM/HP/SUN workstations, in major operation systems, like Windows NT, SCO Unix, and Linux, as long as data is transmitted in TCP/IP socket. To advance async device control over TCP/IP network, MOXA ASPP(Async Server Proprietary Protocol) programmable protocol enables network hosts, with simple TCP/IP socket programming, to control async devices connected to Async Server as if locally attached.

Windows NT Real COM Port Driver

For the booming Windows NT users, Async Server transforms ASPP into Windows NT Real COM port driver, compatible to Windows NT's standard COM port driver and RS-232 signal control. The extended COM ports from Async Server may be used seamlessly by applications such as modem pooling, fax pooling, data acquisition, thin-client and Windows NT RAS.

UNIX Fixed tty Program

MOXA Async Server supports UNIX fixed tty in SCO Unix, HP-Unix, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris platforms. It enables Unix hosts to keep track of terminal login history by assigning fixed tty name to each terminal. Unix fixed tty is frequently applied in security critical terminal access applications like banking and other financial services.

Independent Remote Access Server

Remote access or intranet dial up service is a popular application for Async Server as well. Mobile users or telecommuters, with modem and public phone line, can access Intranet databases at any time. Moxa Async Server provides multiple levels of security to protect your vital business information. Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) and Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) enables the username and password to be transmitted in encryption against eavesdroppers.

Support RADIUS for both Windows NT and UNIX

RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) over Windows NT and UNIX systems is supported to extend security control over large user profile databases. Dial-Back feature strengthens account authentication by dialing back to the authorized telephone number. Async Server can also be password-protected avoiding unauthorized configurations. Choose one or combine several security measures to make your network safer.

Enhanced Routing Solution

Low cost routing functionality is also an popular application for one-central-to-many-small office environment. With MOXA SD1000 Internet Sharer installed in remote small offices, as simple async router, Async Server in central office operates as professional multiport serial router with embedded RIP I/II protocol.

CN2500 Async Server is manufactured to achieve exceptional performance and stability. The installation and management are also easy for novice or experienced users.