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Network serial device servers

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"Everything is networked" is quickly becoming a reality. Moxa's revolutionary line of standalone multiport serial device servers, namely the NPort Server family, allows you to network numerous serial devices that do not have network ports. These serial device servers are designed to act as a bridge for Serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. And they deliver:

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Network-Enabled Solution

Bringing Serial Devices to the Ethernet and Internet
The NPort Server Family provides 1/2/4 RS-232 or RS-422/485 ports, and 8/16 RS-232 ports, along with one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface. This means that Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and PC-based Unix hosts can control numerous distributed serial devices, such as instruments, terminals, modems, and industrial equipment, over a TCP/IP network. The NPort driver for example, works like a dedicated port redirect driver, enabling Windows NT and Windows 95/98 hosts to transparently access the ports on NPort Server as if they were physical COM ports.

Thin Server Solution

Cutting PC Investment with Standalone Servers
The standalone NPort Server Family operates independently on a Local Area Network (LAN). Unlike traditional PC slot-required multi-port serial boards, these products do not occupy the host's limited slot space, IRQs, and memory resources. There is no longer a need to buy extra PCs when adding serial devices, or when upgrading to improve PC performance. When additional devices are required, simply attach one of the NPort Server Family products to your LAN, and save yourself tremendous time and effort, since you will not need to take down the host and struggle with hardware conflicts.

Transparent Solution

Serial-to-Serial with Transparent Ethernet Link
With a pair of 1-port NPort Server Lites, a serial-to-serial transparent connection can be established to connect two serial devices without any modification to the existing applications, and without installing a redirect driver. Save the cost of a leased line, or liberate your equipment from the distance limitation of a serial line.

Distributed and Scalable Solution

Greatest Layout Flexibility and Port Scalability for Distributed and Scalable Applications
TCP/IP networks can be part of a cost-effective distributed solution for any-size ever-growing businesses requiring layout flexibility and port scalability. Serial devices attached to NPort Server can be placed anywhere on a TCP/IP network, and seamlessly linked to Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and PC-based Unix hosts. Each Windows NT host for example, is able to control up to 256 real COM ports, tailored for your growing business. The NPort Server family can expand boundlessly with the Ethernet/Internet environment to control serial devices distributed among different floors, buildings, areas, cities, or even countries.

Easy-to-Use Solution

Quick Installation, Easy Administration, Convenient Maintenance
Starting with your first installation, NPort Manager's installation wizard will guide you through every process. Our friendly Windows interface makes you an expert at controlling your serial devices, even if you're just a beginner. What's more, there are many comprehensive utility tools, such as Monitor, Diagnostics, Data Scope, and Performance.

Least Down Time Solution
Hot-Swap and Port-Sharing Capabilities Minimize System Down Time
When adding or replacing NPort Server, there is no need to take down the host and suspend all host services. Hot-swappability not only simplifies maintenance procedures, but also improves outage management by minimizing overall productivity impacts. In addition, each serial port can be shared by different hosts, making the NPort Server solution perfect for redundant system design. The NPort Server family effectively minimizes system down time and significantly cuts maintenance costs.

Professional Development Solution
MOXA PComm Pro
MOXA PComm Pro contains the most powerful serial communication development tools available, minimizing your company's time-to-market. You do not need to study Microsoft's complex Win32 COMM API to develop 32-bit solutions. With powerful libraries and useful utilities, such as Data Scope and Performance Analyzer, developing serial communication applications is a breeze.

Industrial/Factory automation systems
SCADA systems
Automatic warehouse control systems
Building automation systems
Wafer fabrication systems
Self-service banking systems
Large scale retail systems
Other remote/distributed serial device control
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