New Aussie-made MiCut CNC profile cutter released

Supplier: SMENCO
01 May, 2013

SMENCO - appointed Australian distributors for MiCut - a newly released Australian-made CNC profile cutter more than able to hold its own against any imported machine.

In a welcome reversal of foreign-made imported machinery, a small Melbourne metal manufacturer is claiming one back by designing and building the MiCut branded CNC profile cutter in Australia - at very competitive prices.

Launched recently, the all-Australian-made MiCut CNC oxy plasma cutter is the brainchild of partners, welding engineer Michael Reitel and software specialist, Ian Christiansen.

Not satisfied with the performance of foreign-made CNC plasma cutters from China and other parts of the world, the innovative partners decided they could do better and established MiCut - an engineering facility to manufacture a range of plasma CNC cutters.

MiCut is being distributed throughout Australia by SMENCO, leading distributors of welding equipment, consumables and associated welding technology.

According to Michael Reitel, the MiCut profile cutting machine range has unmatched accuracy and robustness in it's class.

"All of our machines are designed and built in our own factory in Melbourne with many parts sourced locally. We use modern, innovative manufacturing methods along with premium parts and materials. We believe simplicity is the key to producing products that are easy to install, operate and maintain," he said.

"By reducing the complexity of existing plasma CNC cutters and concentrating on quality, our cutting machines will deliver ongoing reliability, speed, accuracy and long life."

There are two MiCut CNC models in the range - the 1212 (cutting area 1230mm x 1230mm and the 1224 (cutting area 1230mm x 2460mm).

Take a look at the key features exclusive to the MiCut CNC cutter range:

Precision gear drives and drive system

MiCut's unique backlash gear technology and high quality precision tool steel gear racks with ground gears, gives superior accuracy matched to precision tool steel gear racks and a patent anti-backlash drive system design.

Water table with removable slats

The low profile water table is engineered and robust enough to take heavy plate for plasma/Oxyfuel CNC cutting. Captive slats for magnet use can be easily re-positioned depending on your needs

Modular design

MiCut 1212 (cutting area 1230mm x 1230mm) can easily be upgraded to the MiCut 1224 (cutting area 1230mm x 2460mm) by adding a modular design extension kit without the expense of buying a completely new machine.

Quality industrial plugs and flex cable

Industrial duty plugs with high quality German manufactured multicore cables, made for long duty life.


The MiCut machines require minimal maintenance and smart design keeps you cutting longer for greater productivity.

Simple installation

The combination of a fully integrated design, high tolerance engineering and the highest quality materials makes configuration and commissioning accurate and fast.

Service and back up support

Personal customer service is just a local call away and should any problems occur the MiCut is easy ‘plug and play’ for all major components. The person at the other end of the phone is part of the service and design development team and know the machines intimately.

Oxy-fuel cutting

The MiCut cutting machines feature an easy to use setup of all the gas cutting parameters including cut speed, hi / lo preheat pressures and automatic piercing pressure control. The intelligent process controller takes the guesswork out of gas cutting and gives high quality cuts on the full range of thicknesses.

Construction Features MiCut CNC:

  • Frame constructed from powder coated steel heavy box section
  • Small machine foot print
  • Speed range - 75 to 6000 mm per min
  • Hardened linear guides (X and Y Axis Z Axis)
  • Rack and pinion drive – hardened and precision ground gears with precision rack
  • All sensors connected by IP67 plugs
  • Heat shield
  • Adjustable front, rear and side proximity sensing full travel limits
  • Water bed additive - anti rust and with biocide
  • Package available thermadyne plasma
  • Integrated water table

MiCut CNC Features:

  • Modern digital controller
  • Integrated torch height control
  • MiCut "Quick Shield" - Remote lift and lower shield for increased protection
  • Oxy kit available with quick changeover
  • Water table - for dust and fume reduction
  • Water bed additive - anti rust and with biocide
  • Extra slat positions enabling for smaller cutting of parts
  • Inbuilt graphics parts library

In Built THS using divided ARC voltage

The Torch height controller ensures accuracy and correct height from the cutting surface, allowing uneven material to be cut precisely and easily.

Torch cutting height can be changed while cutting if needed. Using divided arc voltage from the automation plasma allows the use of a safer plug in connection to the torch height controller "THC" outlet directly from the plasma cutter. No need to connect to high voltage.

Controller - high quality with advanced features

  • Max code lines:150,000 lines
  • Single cutting code size: 4MB
  • Controlling accuracy:±0.001mm USB Interface
  • 7 inch colour screen
  • Demo mode and more
  • Speed range - 75 to 6000 mm per min
  • Simulation demo mode
  • 45 inbuilt standard shapes/graphics
  • Onscreen part scaling

Shield torch head cover

MiCut "Quick Shield" - Remote lift and lower shield for increased torch shielding.


  • CMS IntelliCad - Total Cad Package
  • SheetCam - for nesting
  • The machine is the blend of best of PC and the latest PLC control technology
  • The software runs on PC and the Machine runs on PLC.
  • The software generates G codes which is taken in a USB pen and transferred to machine where the PLC
  • controller displays the drawing and does the cutting operation - this always keeps the machine safe from viruses and windows crashes and registry problems…a major issue in a PC based run machine controller.

Software/controller details

  • System functions
  • Start, Stop, Go To and Reverse
  • Graphical pierce select
  • Graphic display of nest to be cut, with zoom
  • Real-time graphics a cursor and path line change shows progress on job
  • Download files from a USB stick
  • Kerf offsett - tool compensation
  • Select job preview
  • Alpha numeric file name capability
  • Pre programmed flexi shapes with graphical display