New Ekocalm automated remote data logging solutions

Supplier: ETM Pacific
06 March, 2012

Cellular wireless data logging control and alarm solutions.

ETM Pacific Pty Ltd are proud to announce the release of their new range of ekoCALM Cellular Wireless Data Loggers. The ekoCALM range of pulse and/or analogue loggers provide access to logged data over the WEB. The units/service can monitor inputs, control outputs, and send alarms and logged data by email.

The ekoCALM loggers are delivered as a complete fully tested unit including modem/logger, and SIM card with battery, mains or solar power supply as applicable. A weatherproof polycarbonate IP65 enclosure and low power consumption make it ideal for remote monitoring and data acquisition applications.
Three models are available:

ekoCALM Pulse

Primarily for water metering or other pulse counting applications such as rainfall logging. This unit includes 7 inputs, 3 of which can be pulse inputs.

ekoCALM Analogue

An analogue and/or pulse data logger with 5 of inputs (4-20mA, 0-10V or 0-2.5V) and 2 digital inputs, 3 of which can be pulse inputs.

ekoCALM Analogue Plus

An analogue and pulse data logger with 31 inputs, 12 of which can be analogue (4-20mA, 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V) and 3 of which can be pulse inputs
Applications Include:

  • Automated water metering
  • Rainfall monitoring and alarm
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Automated water level monitoring
  • Temperature (humidity) monitoring in remote warehouses, store and cool rooms
  • Remote monitoring of any pulse and/or analogue inputs