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New Financial Year – time to get your warehouse organised

Supplier: Signet
05 July, 2013

Happy New Financial Year. The old year has gone, the new has come and has brought with it the resolution to be more organised.

Systems and organisations reap many-a benefit for a company, especially in a warehouse environment. Warehouses are typically very busy with people and machines rushing around, goods being put on and taken off shelves and sometimes dangerous if people are not operating within set standards and guidelines. This is a great reason to consider how you can make your warehouse safer and more organised to kick off the New Year.


One of the quickest and easiest ways of communicating with employees and visitors is through signs. With a simple sign you can warn people about potential dangers, instruct with health and safety signs, encourage a clean and safe workplace with housekeeping signs, assert mandatory instructions, clearly indicate the location of emergency supplies, and prevent accidents with warning or prohibition signs.

You can also easily direct people with factory and site signs, fire safety signs, traffic signs and floor marking signs, or simply show people where the exits are! If you have a process, request or instruction that you can't find a sign for, it can be custom made for you with a range of industry templates available.

Industrial markers

Another great way of organising or communicating is with marker pens – free to write anywhere on any substance. There are new inks, paints and pens available which are specifically designed to perform in outdoor or indoor environments, and permanently or temporarily mark even the most difficult surfaces or materials. A range of colours allows for aesthetic appeal or to help with colour coding.


Properly storing your stock, supplies or other items is an ideal way to simplify processes, reduce the potential for danger and accidents and increase efficiency. This can be done through easy-to-assemble shelving or with the workbench which is a handy combination of a work bench top and shelving. These solutions will keep stock off the ground (thus eliminating trip hazards), and you'll know where to find everything after it's been put away.

Protective wear

Protective wear works hard for people every day, to protect you from hazards or from the environment around you. This is why it is a great idea at the start of the financial year to take stock of the quality of your protective wear and replace where necessary, because you don't want it to fail right when you need it most. With such a wide range of choices available you might even find gear that you didn't realise you needed!


Last but certainly not least – stationery can make organisation abundantly easier with the ability to colour-code, file, record, highlight, scribe, stick, label, bind and tidy.