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New Flexible Communication Device Replacing Previous eWON 2005 - eWON 2005CD

Supplier: CrispTech

eWON 2005 CD (stands for Compact Design) is the new flexible communication device replacing previous eWON 2005.


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This new device offers Machine Builders/OEMs, Utility Managers and System Integrators dual LAN/Modem connectivity to access remote machines and assets through Internet.
eWON 2005 CD is a full IP router featuring "Factory" LAN to "Machine" LAN routing functionalities with an embedded modem for use as a back up access to the "Machine" LAN.

Therefore any Ethernet but also serial based PLC or automation equipment can be accessed both ways: through the "Factory" LAN and/or via modem. Seamlessly integrated with the PLC programming environment, eWON 2005 CD still monitors and collects data into internal tags while PLC maintenance is performed. eWON 2005 CD has both Web and FTP servers embedded as well as an independent alarm management system.

Fully compliant with world leading PLC manufacturers - Rockwell®, Siemens®, Omron®, Schneider Electric®, … -, eWON 2005 CD, offers, unlike previous eWON 2005, also MPI and PROFIBUS protocols support for S7 PLCs.

Typical applications

  • Broadband Internet router
  • Broadband Internet secure PLC Remote Maintenance with Talk2M)
  • LAN to LAN Router

1. Broadband Internet router

The eWON 2005CD and 4005CD modules offer a WAN Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet using the site network (LAN), without any IT network security changes! This major breakthrough allows an instant, high-bandwidth remote connectivity for data acquisition, machine fault-finding and customer support.

2. Broadband Internet secure PLC Remote Maintenance

Acting as a secure, IP router with VPN endpoints, the eWON 2005CD and 4005CD modules provide the ability to directly access and control remote devices and to perform remote maintenance via broadband Internet.

3. LAN to LAN Router

In addition to connecting up to four Ethernet-enabled control devices to the built-in switch, the eWON 2005CD and 4005CD modules securely link serial devices or PLCs to an Ethernet LAN, allowing data access from any workstation.

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