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New food technology starts with a fresh mindset

Supplier: Gold Peg International
11 August, 2017

IndustrySearch talks with Paula Bell from Gold Peg International on their direct steam cooking equipment and why they're the ideal supplier for a range of food products with the food processing sector

Tell us a little about Gold Peg International

Gold Peg International offers Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking Systems. These (systems) are technically advanced and they offer the manufacturer many benefits to their line and the productivity level increases. The customer (at the other end) gets the best product they possibly could every single day because the process remains the same, so the customer gets the same product.

The equipment is relevant for processed cheese, baby food, sauces, etc. If you go into leading processed cheese plants in the world, our equipment will be there. We basically supply our equipment to New Zealand, Australia as well as the United States and Japan who are our major markets. We’ve got Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, India and quite a few markets that are growing for us, including France.  We basically provide equipment, we have been externally focused and we service and supply around the globe.


What advice would you give businesses who haven’t adapted to technology like Gold Peg International’s?

I think the advice we would give people is, don’t be locked in by preconceived ideas on how a product should be processed or has been processed. You really need to open your mind to accepting new ideas because if you keep doing what you have always done you keep getting what you have always got.

So we would always suggest that you open your mind to new ideas or new ways to process and really embrace them and explore them because that is where (we think) the opportunity is. We find that it is often the mindset rather than the technology that is the hurdle. Our advice would be not to be locked in by the traditional way of doing things but to really open your mind to new processes and practices.


What are the most recent technological advancements you are seeing in the Food Processing industry that businesses can look forward to?   

One of the things that we found that is really coming out (we are not sure if it is due to hardware technology) but a practice that we found is really coming to the fore is about centre lining your product, which is really trying to lock in exactly the processing so that the product is processed the same way every  single time you lock it in and that is looking at it from a hardware point of view as well as from a software point of view. Often people think of 'software locking' in the recipe or locking in how the mechanics happen, they also want people not interfering with the mechanical part because that means if you lock everything down, it means you have less errors, everything is safer, the product is better and you keep it really on track, being optimised with the process you have chosen.