New g-log sth2 data logger with climate sensor

Supplier: ETM Pacific
06 March, 2012

New g-log sth2 shock data loggers will be supplied with a new smaller external climate sensor (for temperature and relative humidity).

Climate Sensor

The new, smaller climate sensor can either be attached directly to the g-log housing, or with a cable can be placed at the best measurement location. This new sensor is an improvement over the old, with a measurement accuracy of ±0.3ºC und ±1.8%rH.
The new sensor is based on CMOSens® technology from Sensirion. The main advantage of this technology is the smaller size and lower energy consumption. This allows the sth2 g-log data logger to be more compact and use less energy (particularly important when using a fast measurement interval). As well, the CMOSens® technology has a very good reliability.
A calibration certification for the climate sensor from a recognised test laboratory can be supplied upon request.