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New Generation Lasers Taking FMCG Industry By Storm

Supplier: Markem-Imaje Business Group
03 February, 2009

The new generation of lasers has arrived and it’s more sleek, tech-savvy and streamlined than ever before.

Decades ago, lasers made their debut in manufacturing, at the time being seen as revolutionary but compared to today’s technology they were only the first step towards no consumable cost coding.  These 1st generation lasers pale in comparison to the new 3rd generation lasers released by Markem-Imaje.

Unlike older generations of lasers, the new Markem-Imaje 7000 series don’t require external cooling or refrigeration and can work continuously at temperatures up to 35?c. It is energy efficient therefore lower cost of operation and can mark 1000 characters per second. This is a dramatic change from the stencil or dot-matrix coders of previous generations, which required constant airflow, refrigeration and were very energy-intensive machines.  The new 7000 series has taken all the predecessors flaws and focused on rectifying them while providing high performance markings.  Markem-Imaje’s vector light technology demonstrates these great advancements in technology as the 7000 series of laser is capable of scribing with smoothness not unlike traditional handwriting – quite a feat at 300m/s. The underlying new technology that makes this all possible is the reinvention of the laser technology with the marking being made by a pulsed beam being controlled by high-speed galvo mirrors, thus enabling the laser to scribe onto the substrate.

Laser is by no means new technology; however, with recent developments its application is expanding far past the usual realm of industrial manufacturing and has made its way to the humble soft drink and confectionary aisle in your local supermarket. FMCGs require specific information to be marked on produce, such as batch number, production date & time, etc. While CIJ technology has been the primary method of coding and marking, the new Markem-Imaje 7000 series of laser is fast becoming the new preferred mode of coding and marking. This shift in preference can be attributed to the high speed and ease that the laser can operate as well as the permanence of the mark, making it highly sought after by industries that are subject to counterfeiting, such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical and spirits.

As if these features weren’t enough, the real revolutionary point of the new Markem-Imaje 7000 series of lasers is that it is fully network-ready. Using advanced networking software, plant supervisors can program numerous machines from a central location and even input information such as weight and dimensions from other parts of the production line. So not only does the new Markem-Imaje 7000 laser series afford high quality, flexible scribing at high speeds, but it also communicates with the network, ensuring maximum uptime.

Markem-Imaje is now the global leader in coding and marking solutions, with many high profile clients. Just recently, Fosters group, the largest Australian producer of premium wine and alcoholic beverages, needed a business partner capable of clearly coding glass wine bottles throughout its entire production and packaging process. It is no surprise then that Markem-Imaje was the natural supplier of choice. This is just one example of how the new 3rd generation of Markem-Imaje lasers is taking the industry by storm.

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