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New industrial marketing whitepaper now available

Supplier: Icon Visual Marketing By: Sheree Gover
22 April, 2013

Industrial Marketing is a specialised area of marketing that concentrates around the delivery of products and services to a very defined and specific market.

Generally, the products and services are very technical in nature and require a different marketing strategy and implementation process to see sustainable sales growth and brand building.

Icon Visual Marketing has published a new Industrial Whitepaper for download.

The heart of industrial marketing is the relationship between the vendor and the customer. When an analysis is done on any good industrial market, it is important that the value the supplier brings to the table be measured against all the functions of the business, ie techincal marketing, corporate affairs, manufacturing etc.

The supplier needs to know their customer’s business well enough to provide superior technical products, develop new products and services to meet their needs. The vendor and customer relationship needs to be a true partnership.

Icon Visual Marketing as published a new Industrial Marketing Whitepaper for free download now.