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New injection technology for multiple components in one machine cell

Supplier: HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies
05 February, 2014

Krauss Maffei will exhibit at Chinaplas in April 2014, a KM CX 200-180/180 W twin injection moulding machine.

Krauss Maffei will be exhibiting the product in collaboration with Zahoransky Group of Germany and their innovative patented 'cube technology' concept TIM (Total Integrated Manufacturing) enabling the moulding, assembly and testing of multi-component parts in one injection moulding cell.

The key to the efficiency of the system is the two mounting plates which are positioned outside the tool.

This allows complex assembly processes to be carried out in parallel to the production without increasing the cycle time. The mounting plates can be moved on the X and Y axis by 180 degrees and at the completion of the injection process the moulded parts can be picked up by the assembly jig and combined with the parts that have already been produced.

The rotary cube mould system is run on Krauss Maffei CXW Spin Form Series Injection Moulding machinery. This series combines the proven dual platen technology of the CX and MX series and offers ideal accessibility to the mould and space for the integrated assembly stations.

The central positioning of the two opposing injection units allows for hot runner systems with natural balancing and short flow paths.

Energy saving servomotors control the movement of reversing the plates in the opening direction and the rotation of the cube mould with absolute position accuracy. The unique system provides energy and space savings and is available in clamp sizes ranging from 1,800 kN to 40,000kN.

Krauss Maffei is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics Technologies.