New Libero Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Supplier: ETM Pacific
06 March, 2012

Data loggers for cold chain compliance and transport monitoring

Elpro are pleased to announce the new Libero PDF logger for temperature and humidity monitoring. Libero loggers are widely used in cold chains compliance monitoring, pharmaceutical storage, transport and fridge monitoring.
The new LIBERO is available in three different versions:
Type              Description
THi1-S           The single use type
THi1-Y           The one year (400 days) type for multiple use
THi1              The 3 years type for long-term usage

The single use device THi1-S is mainly used for cold chain monitoring where it is not economic to return the logger to the sender.
For the use in qualified environments where calibration is required, we recommend to use the 400 days type THi1-Y. It comes together with a validation certificate for 14 months. The user can get it exchanged once every year and always gets a new certificate. There is no need for re-calibration and the user is not obliged to remove the logger from the process for calibration purposes, but has the new device ready for an uninterrupted use.
The 3 years type THi1 is ideal for general purpose monitoring like in HVAC application where one certificate at the beginning is sufficient.