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New project drives energy efficiency for Sydney buildings

Supplier: Origin Energy
26 July, 2012

A new project by Origin represents its commitment to energy efficiency as an important step to addressing climate change, and providing Australian businesses with long-term solutions for lowering emissions.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a plan for the sustainable development of the City for the next 20 years and beyond. The City intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use as well as the amount of waste being produced.

Origin, in partnership with Ecosave, have been successful in securing the City of Sydney tender for energy and water retrofit projects for the city's buildings and operations.

These projects will assist the City of Sydney in meeting a number of their Sustainable Sydney 2030 targets including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent from 2006 levels, one of the most ambitious of any Australian government.

The energy and water retrofit project, worth approximately $7 million, is a key component of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan.

It will see improvements in lighting, heating and air-conditioning and building control systems along with water saving initiatives in bathrooms and commercial kitchens across 45 sites. Some of these sites include Town Hall House, Sydney Town Hall, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Andrew Boy Charlton pool.

The City of Sydney project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the selected buildings by 23 per cent and the City's overall emissions by 13.1 per cent. This translates to 7,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, or the equivalent to taking 2310 cars off the road.

The retrofit will cut energy use by 6.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) a year – about the same amount of electricity used by 870 homes – saving approximately $840,000 a year.

Water consumption will fall by 53,310 kilolitres a year, enough to supply nearly 300 households and saving around $200,000 a year.

The project is expected to cut 7,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, which will contribute to the CoS progress towards its 70 per cent reduction by 2030 (on 2006 levels).

The retrofit will reduce water and power bills as well as maintenance costs by more than $1 million a year.

The City of Sydney will make significant progress towards its targets for Sustainable Sydney 2030, delivering a greener future for the community and making Sydney one of Australia's leading sustainable cities.

Origin has already partnered with a broad range of industries to successfully develop and implement energy

Recognising the core skills and experience required for delivering on a project of this scale and importance for the City of Sydney, Origin's choice of consortium partner Ecosave demonstrated the expertise and practical experience required for delivering cost-effective, quality retrofit solutions to the standard required by Council.