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New Stainless Steel Regulators

Supplier: CAC Gas & Instrumentation
22 September, 2010

CAC GAS has introduced a line of stainless steel regulators for non-refillable (disposable) cylinders.

The regulators are designed for use with chlorine, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide and other corrosive gases, but could be used for all gases.

Stainless steel regulators provide a higher degree of corrosion resistance resulting in longer term life of the regulator. They also reduce the chance of corrosive gases reacting with brass or nickel plated brass type regulators.

Stainless steel has always been used for high pressure specialty regulators and is now available for the smaller disposable cylinders.   

This provides a higher degree of confidence for customers to achieve quality, accurate calibrations with corrosive gases.

Fixed flow (FF100) and on demand flow regulators(ODFR) are available in stainless steel.

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