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The Industrial Marketer

Brand Building 2.0

By Jeremy Nathan – Managing Director

Brand building is a big part of our daily lives as marketers, but for some reason the Internet came along and put brand building on the back burner.

Perhaps it’s the lure of terms like 'measurability', 'pay per lead' and 'pay per click'. We’ve become so enchanted with these ideas that we’ve forgotten about good old branding.

There's no disputing how powerful these new-age techniques are, but it's important to put them into perspective.

Granted, branding has changed. It's no longer just about putting your logo in front of buyers in a branding campaign. It now includes concepts like ‘brand mentions’, ‘followers’ and ‘lead nurturing’.

Marketers are now appreciating that the internet is both a branding and direct-response medium, and the exciting thing is that it can be measured against both those objectives.

Today we bring you some of our favourite branding articles from across the web so you can get brand building back into focus. Enjoy!

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