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10th April 2014
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IndustrySearch offers key information-sharing platform: Bestech
Sam Bhasin, Managing Director at Bestech Australia, nominates dedicated team members, impressive search engine rankings and a flexible content management system as just some of the many advantages offered by IndustrySearch.
Storefront of the Month
Congratulations to Sullair Australia, who has been awarded the IndustrySearch Storefront of the Month for April.
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Storefront Tips
Build more followers
Insert a follow link or icon on your website or email signature. More..
Get more content in the NewsWire
Write articles that aren’t too salesy and think about what the reader is interested in learning.
Want to sell new products?
Use your Storefront stats to see what your most popular products are and consider selling similar items.
Get indexed by search engines
Focus on well researched keyword phrases, place them carefully, and don't over use them.
Get your categories right
Our categories are growing and evolving all the time, so it’s worth checking them regularly for your Storefront.
Planning your marketing budget
By Kalon Huett, Managing Editor
Marketing is vital for the growth of any business because it drives brand awareness and directly or indirectly generates revenue, but one key element of marketing strategy is sometimes overlooked – the budget.

While the word 'budget' is often associated with monetary constraints, in the B2B world investing too little on marketing – and particularly digital marketing – can be just as counterproductive as investing too much. Even if you're tapping into the right amount of financial resources, are you allocating those resources in a way that actually supports your core objectives, and are they in line with current marketing trends?

An effective marketing budget helps you: organise your current financial position; determine the key marketing platforms to focus on; identify a specific and realistic course of spending action; and store useful data for future assessment of the overall plan.

It all comes back to good preparation and wise decision-making. Not sure where to start? Follow these simple steps to ensure your marketing budget is a strength, not a stress.

Why Digital Is Grabbing a Bigger Share of Consumer Product Budgets
Advertising Age
If there were any doubts that the age of digital marketing has fully arrived for packaged-goods companies, the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference in Boca Raton, Fla., last week should put them to rest.

One after one, executives of top players talked about how big digital had gotten for them -- and how they were still expanding it. It was a contrast to only three or four years ago, when the executives were also touting digital, but spending was in the low-single digits of CPG media budgets, so even double-digit growth remained pretty insubstantial. Read more

7 Free Marketing Budget Templates
Do you need to do a marketing budget? Don't know where to start? Well, we're here to help. Below you'll find 7 free marketing budget templates and examples to help get you started.

What is a marketing budget? A marketing budget, in simple terms, is a financial plan and estimate of the costs involved in carrying out any marketing activities to promote your business and/or product (e.g. advertising, website development, marketing staff salaries, PR, events etc.). It is important to make your estimates as realistic and accurate as possible to ensure your marketing budget is effective. Read more

7 Big Questions for B2B Marketing Leaders in 2014
Customer THINK
The New Year is underway.  The first quarter is nearing an end.  Some of the best-laid plans have already vaporized due to unexpected events.  While some plans are either tracking on-target – or – will be missed.  Each year, B2B business must meet the challenge of our time – keeping up with rapid new developments in digital technologies and changing buying behaviours.

Along with this challenge each year, comes a new set of questions:
1. Should Content Marketing Be Our Number One Priority? According to nearly 2500 marketers surveyed by Adobe and eConsultancy, 36% believe so followed closely by social media engagement.  This report also identified content marketing as the most exciting area for B2B. Read more


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