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23rd May 2014
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The art of educating your audience
By Kalon Huett, Managing Editor

Rarely will you hear a story about a new product that was so innovative and so necessary, that it attracted attention from the moment it hit the market with little marketing to get sales rolling in. Effective marketing connects great ideas with eager buyers.

But the question is not always, "what type of marketing will help my product be seen?". Sometimes the question is, "what type of marketing will help educate my target audience about what my product does?".

This is a subtle but significant difference. If you stock a generic, well-known machine or part that your sector widely utilises, perhaps competitive prices and solid brand marketing will suffice. However, if you stock a custom piece of equipment people might not fully understand the value of, or you offer a comprehensive service that sets you apart from the competition, the real marketing battle is one of education.

Let the education begin

Ensuring the right people are aware of the product's applications and advantages comes above all else, but don't trick yourself into believing that content overloaded with detailed specifications are the only way to achieve this. The more you try to sell, sell, sell - the greater the risk of losing your buyer. You may understand the product's benefits from a quick glance at the model name, dimensions and specs, but that knowledge doesn't necessarily translate to readers. Read more

Writing Content People Will Actually Read: Tips and Ideas
Clear Compass Digital Group
By now, we all know that creative content is your ticket to SEO rankings and general stickiness. But how do you get it? You might be interested to find out that anyone can write content that will get your product seen; you just have to know how to do it! Read more

Do You Ignore 90% of Your Customers?
According to Chet Holmes, one of the best business coaches in the world, only 3% of your audience is ready to buy NOW, and another 6-7% is open to that chance (watch this video at 0:13:00). If you want to get other 90%, you need to interact with your customer multiple times.

What should you do? Be useful; be personal; provide a lot of value; convince your audience that you are the expert. And only then…try to sell. Read more

Are Your Content Marketing Efforts Reaching the Right Audience?
Content marketing has become a necessity for businesses that want to succeed online. However, the importance of these marketing efforts can be overshadowed by a lack in quality article writing and a failure to effectively reach the right audience. Hiring content writing services is one of the best ways to reach that audience. If you have experienced difficulty in driving traffic and generating leads with your current strategy, it may be time to re-evaluate. Read more

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